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Thursday 20 March 2014

By plane

20th March 2014 Thursday

Katowice International Airport is located 34 km from north east of Katowice, with frequent shuttle bus connections to and from Katowice. Two terminals A and B are situated side by side. Both feature spotless toilets, money exchange counters, ATMs, refreshments stops, pharmacy and car rental counters. 
The Airport Katowice

Terminal B
The „Fly Silesia” Programme offers an extensive range of discounts for Katowice Airport passengers. Discounts are available for „Fly Silesia” cardholders. The card is available at the information desk and within the passenger terminals at Katowice Airport.
 So it's very easy now to fly to almost every destination in Europe and not only. 
Katowice is one of the busiest airport in country and Silesian love spending weekends in different places in Europe and Africa. Our favourite destination is Egypt because climate is wonderful comparing to ours.

Observation deck.

Why is it worth visiting?

First and foremost, at 180m in length, it’s the longest observation deck in all of Poland. At such an impressive length, you don’t need to worry that someone’s going to block your view and you’re not going to be able to see and wave to your loved .

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