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Monday, 24 March 2014

Worker's estate Giszowiec inKatowice

24 th March Monday 2014 Monday

In the outskirts of Katowice there are two worker's estates at Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec.  Nikiszowiec I have described earlier now Giszowiec.

Giszowiec estate was built in 1906-1910 for the workers of the Giesche mine, which had new shafts built in 1903-1910. The estate consists of one- or -two family houses and gardens, shingled roofs and gravel roads..

In Giszowiec you can enjoy a Silesian cuisine in "Silesian Inn","Silesain Chamber" and the restaurant "Pod Kasztanami" where you can find cold, delicious Polish beer.
An old house in Giszowiec.

Giszowiec in 19 th century.

One of the lovely houses .

Giszowiec Estate

The miner's band - typical view in Upper Silesia. 

Typical kitchen at miner's family in the early 20 th century
Good night from Katowice. The photo was taken last week. It presents the centre you can see Superjednostka building


  1. The photo with the snow and lights looks so lovely, this I have never seen only in photos on the internet. Mining is a big thing here in some places in Australia.

  2. I like the steep rooftops and the red roofs. The old miner's kitchen is interesting. What is the cone-shaped thing in the basin?

    1. What about snow you sholud come to Poland and it,s possible to touch it. Welcome

    2. It's a kind of pitcher it was used when miners washed their hands to avoid wasting too much water.