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Friday 7 March 2014

Friday 7 th March 2014

Bytom -tram number 38

In Bytom there is a well preserved medieval urban layout based on an oval -shaped building plan,with a rectangular market square. It is worth having a closer look at sleeping lion movement erected in 1873 commemorating the county residents who died during Franco-Prusian War in 1870-1871.

Market Square in Bytom

Sleeping Lion

In Bytom tram system is well developed. The oldest tram number is 38. Three times an hour a historic tram of Konstal N type, shuttles on the route Holy Trinity Church - Bytom Prusa street. The tram dates back to the turn of the 1940s and 50s, and, although the ride is just 6 minutes long, a lot of enthusiasts of old trams come to Bytom just to take a trip on this particular model.

The oldest tram in Poland

So have a nice trip.


  1. The tram looks very cute. It must be great fun to take a ride.

  2. Yes , it's a great fuan I have travelled many times. So you can try one day.

  3. I agree with Andrew. I'm sure it would be great fun to ride that train. You're so lucky that you can do it any time you like.