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Tuesday 4 March 2014

  4 th March 2014 Tuesday

Silesian cuisine

Each nationality has got its own cuisine so Poland does too. Our Polish cuisine is considered as one of the best in Europe. I am not kidding. There are national dishes and regional ones. Upper Silesia has got a unique cuisine which is very tasty but fatty.

In the past most Silesian families prepared dinners at home because men were breadwinners ( as miners they earned a lot of money) their wives didn't work. Now situation is different most women are well -educated and work in differents fields so they don't have time to prepare homemade dinners during weekdays. And we have a lot of take away and fast restaurants where food is rather cheap and tasty but unhealthy. 
Some prepare homemade diiners especially on Sunday.

So what we serve for typical Silesian dinner?

Upper Silesia, similarly to other regions of Poland, has got its own traditional recipes which have been passed down from one generation to another. The regional cuisine consists of about 100 dishes, some of which are plain everyday meals, whereas the others are meant only for Sundays or special occasions (wedding and baptism receptions, Easter, Christmas, etc.).

Of all the simple Silesian dishes the best known are as follows:wodzionka or broltzupa (soup made from bread seasoned with lots of garlic) zur (soup made from fermented barley with potatoes)
krupniok (a kind of sausage made of kasha and pork blood; blood sausage) zymloki (specially treated bread rolls with pork blood; similar to ''krupniok'').

Traditional Sunday Silesian Dinner - homemade

What makes Silesian cuisine most famous is the typical Sunday dinner which consists of broth (rosol) with noodles (makaron) and tiny liver dumplings (kluseczki z watroby), czorne kluski (round shaped dumplings made from boiled, grated and mashed potatoes), modro kapusta (cooked red cabbage) and rolada (beaf roll stuffed with bacon, pickled cucumber and mustard). The dessert that follows is equally appetizing – a piece of yeast cake with cottage cheese (kolocz z serem) or poppy seeds (kolocz z makiem), called ''kolocz'' (similar to ''kolach'').


Come to Upper Silesia to take delight in the tasty cuisine of this region!

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