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Friday 28 March 2014

Hats from Kozieglowy

28 th March Friday 2014

Kozieglowy is a small town located in Upper Silesia about 52 km from my place. It is situated in a picturesque region near Czestochowa. There about 3500 people who livw there. It is a verry old town which dates back to Middle Ages. The name of the city means goats heads but I don't know why?

Kozieglowy it means Goats heads in English

But Kozieglowy is famous for the common aspen shavings used in production of hats. If you would like to be a fashionable woman or a man ytou should visit Kozieglowy and buy a hat. There are different hats so you find just one for you.

Hats from Kozieglowy
 But the most important Kozieglowy was enrolled in Guiness Book of Records because they
made the biggest hat in the world.

The biggest hat in the world - 2006


  1. That's an interesting thing to be famous for, the biggest hat in the world! I like to look at hats, but I don't look good in them.

  2. I also don't wear hats but maybe if I get older I will change my mind. Who knows.